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Sticky Table Header Controller Using Stimulus.js

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Stimulus Sticky Table Header

This is a simple StimulusJS controller that keeps the header of a table at the top of window as you scroll through the page.


This assumes that StimulusJS is already installed.

Add the stimulus-sticky-table-header module:

$ yarn add stimulus-sticky-table-header


$ npm install stimulus-sticky-table-header

Basic Usage

First, register the controller with StimulusJS:

// application.js
import { Application } from 'stimulus';
import StickyTableHeader from 'stimulus-sticky-table-header';

const application = Application.start();
application.register("sticky-table-header", StickyTableHeader);

Next you need to add the controller's annotations to your table:

<table data-controller="sticky-table-header" 

The controller will handle moving the header as your page scrolls.

The tutorial that this is extracted from can be found here:


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This package is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.